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Helping others do more

For new business, please use the form on the applicable page below. For everything else, email [email protected].

Meet the consultants

  • Todd Cavanaugh
    Todd Cavanaugh Founder of Asana Training

    Todd is an MBA graduate and has consulted clients including Fortune 500 companies, marketing agencies, universities, and manufacturers to improve their project management using Asana.

  • Wayne Hedlund
    Wayne Hedlund Asana Consultant

    Wayne Hedlund is a leadership coach and productivity consultant. He specializes in helping organizations make strategic decisions, reach clarity in vision, and seek efficiency by streamlining processes.

  • Chris Zeigler
    Chris Zeigler Asana Specialist

    Chris Zeigler is a blogger, speaker, and corporate Asana trainer. With years of Asana experience, he’s ready to train your organization. Chris resides in Rochester, NY where he works in upper management.

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