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UPDATE 11/15/15: Asana has implemented many of the criticisms of this post, including removing the greeting, fixing the legibility of the color scheme, adding the Inbox to the menu, and moving the “Add Task” button to the center. Thanks for listening, Asana!

The new iOS app is a gigantic improvement over the old Asana app. It has beautiful animations, a simple interface, and a fantastic “add task” process. (We wrote an in-depth review of the app in another post.) But the one area I think could still use a redesign is the home screen. The UI/UX just doesn’t feel right.

The home dashboard is the screen in which you want your users to spend most of their time. I think the idea was to give users a snapshot of their day without overwhelming them with all their tasks. The result, however, was a lot of wasted space, a hard-to-navigate-to Inbox, and the necessity of extra taps to see “my tasks” which is where most users will want to spend most of their time.

Asana iOS Homescreen
Ugh...UI/UX needs some help.

Let me break it down. The “Good morning/afternoon/evening, FirstName” does not feel authentic or inspire positive feelings. It feels like a simple script based on time of day. The “You have 4 tasks for today” is redundant; I can see the tasks right below. This means about 20% of the screen real estate is wasted on a greeting and a redundant message. In addition, the white text on blue background is less legible.

The Inbox is a major part of Asana; all updates occur there. As such, I think the Inbox deserves its own spot in the menu bar at the bottom, especially since there is plenty of real estate there. The Inbox feels too cluttered on the home screen, not to mention that the icon for the home screen is the same as the Inbox icon on the desktop version of Asana. This is confusing.

Asana Homescreen Mockup

Consider my mockup of the new home screen. I’m essentially combining the “My Tasks” view with the home screen and moving the Inbox to the menu bar (with a badge for unread messages). I also rearranged the icons and made the “add” icon a little bigger than the others to encourage people to add their tasks throughout the day.

The other immediate improvement I’d suggest is adding a swipe-to-complete function. Right now, you can’t check off a task from the “My Tasks” view (or my redesigned home screen). By allowing users to swipe a task to complete it, you save the user several taps (click on task to view details, tap to check it off, tap to go back to the view from which you entered).

But that being said, the new app is fantastic and a huge improvement!

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